Author Jack London wrote, “Don’t loaf and invite inspiration; light out after it with a club.” Following is a (much) abridged list of people, companies, organizations and authors that inspire us. In addition, our Colwell “art gallery” can be found by clicking the image/link above and includes colourful works that have been found around our factory and can be downloaded to your desktop, tablet or mobile device.


Howard Schultz – Embracing Status Quo is Dead
Tom Peters – What Do YOU Think?
Jim Collins – Secrets to Surviving in Tough Times – 20 Mile March
Tom Kelley – IDEO – The Art of Innovation
Marcus Buckingham – Putting Strengths to Work
Youngme Moon – Different
Seth Godin – Avoiding Mediocre
Erik Weihenmayer – Touch the Top


Color Marketing Group


Alan Mulally – American Icon
Gordon MacKenzie – Orbiting the Giant Hairball
Seth Godin – Purple Cow
Daniel Pink – A Whole New Mind
Tom Peters – Re-Imagine!
Tom Kelley – The Ten Faces of Innovation
Dan and Chip Heath – Made to Stick
Dan Roam – The Back of The Napkin